Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mother Kills and Set Son On Fire For Not Learning Koran

This is the mother who murdered her young son then set him on fire when he struggled to learn the Koran off by heart.

Ege, 32, used a stick to beat her seven-year-old son Yaseen 'like a dog' when he couldn’t recite passages from the Islamic holy book.

A court heard the beatings were so brutal he died from his injuries and his mother tried to burn the body to destroy the evidence. Yaseen was originally thought to have died in a tragic accident in the house fire. But a post mortem examination showed Ege had been beating and abusing her little boy in the months leading up to his murder.When the smoke had cleared it emerged that Yaseen was dead before the fire had started.

He had suffered significant abdominal injuries that were the cause of his death. There were multiple injuries including fractures which were non-accidental. Sara Ege made no attempt to seek the medical attention he so obviously needed. He suffered terribly she started the fire to hide what she had done.'

In a police interview Ege told officers she was trying to teach her son the Koran but he was not very good.

University graduate Ege said: 'I was getting more and more frustrated, if he didn’t read it properly I would be very angry - I would hit him. We had a high target, I wanted him to learn 35 pages in three months. I promised him a new bike if he could do it. But Yaseen wasn’t very good - after a year of practice he had only learned a chapter.'

Ege and her taxi driver husband Yousef, 38, had enrolled Yaseen in advanced classes at their local mosque. They wanted him to become Hafiz - an Islamic term for someone who memorises the Koran.

 'Memorising the whole of Koran is a great reward for the whole family. It brings honour and increases the standing of the whole family in the local community. But mischievous Yaseen preferred to play with his friends and got behind with his studies.

The schoolboy was coming to the end of a three-month trial period at the mosque and Ege was keen for him to impress his Imam.

Ege became more and more frustrated with her son’s inability to learn the passages he needed to.

 'I was getting all this bad stuff in my head, like I couldn’t concentrate, I was getting angry too much, I would shout at Yaseen all the time. I was getting very wild and I hit Yaseen with a stick on his back like a dog. He would be doing his work and wouldn’t complain and I would hit and hit him more and more. He was a good boy but I used to get angry and he wouldn’t even stop me or say anything to anyone.'

 Ege would hit Yaseen with a stick, a hammer, a rolling pin and a slipper as well as repeatedly punching him.

In the months after Yaseen’s death Ege told her GP she had been told to kill him by Shaitan - an Islamic name for the devil.

 'It is Shaitan - it is the devil which is telling me to do all these bad things. I have become so harsh, I even killed my own son.'

Ege told her doctor she felt '100 per cent better' after her seven-year-old son died.

 'It is like something has been released. For three or four months I have not been normal. Voices told me to hit Yaseen and then hit him more and more.'

Ege initially denied murdering Yaseen and burning his body to hide what she had done.Later she said she burned her son’s body after discovering he had died in the house and panicked.

Ege was found guilty of murder and perverting the course of justice by burning little Yaseen’s body and sentenced to life imprisonment

Speaking outside court Detective Constable Kim Roche said: 'Throughout this investigation we have heard many tributes to Yaseen.

'Quiet, hardworking, bright, well-behaved, obedient, respectful, polite and smiley are just some of the words used to describe him.

'It is a tragedy that such a promising young life was taken and those that loved him most will not be able to see him grow up to be a young man.'



  1. U should know thet this moslem people are so heartless,killing a lil boy cos of his inability to read d stupid koran,I wish God wil wipe all the moslem people away from this earth!!!Good riddance

    1. Did u say wipe off?
      Dat shows how heartfull u R, wiping off the moslems includes young, old, Babies. ReThink! + pls think b4 u talk or type. Islam is peace

    2. All I will say is may God help us all and save us from the evil plan.nobody is saying that the muslim are bad is just that sometimes they can be desperet and heartless

  2. OMG.......................

    -mISS d

  3. Anon 3.47. U r insane. All ur evil Prayers, back to sender IJN ....

  4. May God hav mercy on us.RIP boy

  5. This is sad how can a mother kill and burn her own child she carried for 9mths! The pains going through childbirth. My God!
    All the problems , war and negative things happening in this world is cause by moslems!Boko haram, Osama and co.
    They have a barbaric belief.
    RIP baby

    1. Raising my brow at ur name,sup na?..could u by any chance b Yvonne?:-)

    2. @ could u by any chance b Yyonne..lolz...

  6. Dunno if derez a bug in d air or sumtn,one out of almost every 5 pple u walk past on d street is mentally deficient..diaz no oda explanation 4 d havoc dats being wreaked on earth by peepz ds sad!!..RIP smallie

  7. At anonymous 3:47 u r an idiot,is d kind of u dat cause war in a country by ur words....u don't leap b4 u sow....respect ursef......BIG FOOOOOL. Hw would u feel if any1 at-all insults d bible...u r nt even a gd christian,were r u when a pastor killed his son wt a gun cos he refuses 2 b a pastor lyk d father,ppl r jst possed somtym n de do evil God help us.

  8. Carry pikin nine month beat am to death may God help us

  9. Say whateva u lyk and insult our holy book if u lyk,,but let me make dis clear to u,"u cannot do anything to Islam neither can u eradicate our peaceful religion"Allah will always protect his religion..Assholes

    1. Boko haram strike you! "Peaceful religion" May God strike you for using the word "peaceful" with muslim

  10. Allah is d lord of distruction


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