Sunday, December 16, 2012

Muslim Youths Celebrates Governor Yakowa's Death In Kaduna

Shocking as it may sound, and un-Nigerian it was, as some Kaduna residents were agog with celebration when the news of  the death of Governor Yakowa filtered in from Bayelsa. People in Kawo, Angwarimi, Tudun Wada Pawa, Angwan Dosa, Mararaban Rido, some parts of Zaria and other surrounding villages are having "a shocking but fanatics jubilating" and youths driving bikes recklessly as if its Sallah celebration. All Mai shayi joints are full with smiling faces of people who are delighted in ignorance that a brother died, that a governor who have giving leadership his best, a man that in honestly have excelled more than any governor in the North today, simply because he is not one of us. He is a Christian, and one of our own, a Muslim brother will replace him as the state new governor. This is a big shame and quite embarrassing to an average God fearing Muslim, who is aware that life and death is only in the hands of Allah most compassionate. - Aliyu Bello.


  1. This shows how that particular region thinks,born to rule mentality and religious fanatics.They have sworn to make GEJ ungovernable and no one is talking about that...Their plans are to make sure no christian occupies any high seat in this country but shallow minds will never understand the under tune lyrics of their games..Boko haram is very handi work of Northerners and their elites.They rejoiced at any death of any christian death in that region.

  2. Dis goes a long way2show wat a religion dey practice.muslims or christain u wud all die one day,buh wat wud u b remembered for is most important.RIP Sir


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