Saturday, December 15, 2012

Styl-Plus Splits

According to , soul crooners, Styl-Plus who have made several efforts at staging a comeback after their hit song “Olufunmi” may have finally gone their separate ways!!
Tunde (Tunde Akinsanmi) a member of the group has re-branded himself and has recorded several solo tracks. He now goes by the name NativeBoy, his personal website , confirm that he has been signed under his own reord label B.A.T Records LTD.


  1. Dey've been irrelevant for a long time, so dis is no news!

  2. Hope it gets better for them

  3. Mumu! See name way d ode give himself!!! Styl plus are so in d abyss of irrelevance & oblivion...smh

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