Tuesday, September 15, 2015

First Ever Postpartum Depression Awareness Program In Nigeria

One in Six women would suffer postpartum depression, yet only 1% of Nigerian MOTHERS know about this problem.
Postpartum Depression is a type of clinical depression that sets in after childbirth. It can set in anytime within the first few months of childbirth and can affect a mother's ability to care for herself and her child. It is also the leading cause of suicide among mothers.
Given the adverse effects of Postpartum Depression it is imperative that more and more women are aware of the problem, as awareness is one key way of preventing postpartum depression.
To this end, Outliers Consulting, led by A-list psychologist Onyedikachi Ekwerike, embarked on an awareness campaign tagged "Postpartum Depression Awareness Program For Expectant and New Mothers In Nigeria." ..
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