Monday, May 6, 2013

Stunning!! Linda Ikeji covers May issue of Mania Magazine

Now this is one woman I look up to... she looks stunning!  See another pic below...


  1. Linda chopping money ikeji lol
    The black dress stole my heart

  2. Watch out for this woman (who's real name is Ina Goodling) at the link below:

    She has left nothing more than derogatory and nasty vile stuff about my books and me!

    I assure you she will go after you next with vile ruthlessness!

    Pardon my language, but she is nothing more than a gay loving, Christian bashing, bukkake loving pile of shit!

    Sorry about that, but people like make me so mad! She is a menace to society and must be approached carefully!

    Just to warn you good people out there.

    Yvonne Mason

  3. This is the first day i will personally commend you for acknowledging Linda. You always see her as ur competitor. You forget that every industry has pioneers. In comedy pple still respect Alibaba and co so also in music 2Face is still respected. So also in Blogging. Am glad u know this now.

    1. Wtf !is wrong with the people on this blog! How is she competing with linda for chris sake! The sky is too big for everyone why is tess' case different .How many people have linda acknowledged on her blog. Even ladun blog dis but when her blog got hacked linda felt too big to blog it. I dnt tink she is competing wit anyone its you all that makes it look like a competition

  4. Linda is fine

  5. proud to be a Nigerian blogger


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