Friday, May 3, 2013

Don't mess with Juliet Ibrahim! Actress blast fan on Instagram for calling her a drag queen

If you know you insult her on instagram biko take note lol


  1. Who does she thinks she is
    She looks like a drag queen in the pic
    Black eye pencil for her brows
    Sack your make up artist madam

  2. Well....they are both right. They both look like drag queens.

  3. Peeps just open dia mouths to insult celebs and others regardless of how they will feel. So not nice. Now who looks like a drag queen.
    People just insult what they can't have/be

  4. They both look like drag queen to me

  5. Immaturity from juliet and who does she tink she is? Who knws her? Stop acting like you r the queen of England nobody knw u idiot
    Omotola and Genevieve don't insult their fans no matter what dey do and dey are bigger than her
    You actually look like a drag queen wit your horrible make up

  6. Who's juliet ibrahim? Is she igbo or yoruba or hausa? Serzly tho who's she? What movies did she star in? I just wanna know er


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