Monday, May 27, 2013

Photos: Lagos strip club collapses

The building of a Lagos strip club,Ocean Blue collapsed yesterday afternoon. The club, located on 14, Opebi Street lost half of its two-storey-ed structure when it collapsed. According to eye witnesses who spoke to NetNg ,the incident happened at around 1:20pm .
’I was just on my way out when I suddenly noticed the building crumbling from the top. I really hope no one was injured or has died’.
 Another witness, Nasiru Ahmed, who runs a provision kiosk confirmed to NET that no one was injured.
‘They are lucky that it happened in the afternoon, because if it was in the night when customers would have been around, it would have been very disastrous’, Ahmed said.

 The reason for the collapse of the building is still not clear as the club security refused anyone entry into the premises under the orders of the management.From the looks of things the management of the club seem to want to conceal the misfortune as the strip club which is located in the carefully concealed premises was allegedly being run illegally.A call through to the Ikeja Police Station, proved that the police is unaware of the incident.



  1. God's handiwork

  2. Lwkmd! Strip club indeed

  3. How wont the building collapse wen 2much bad tinz don full inside, d building couldnt hold d sins anymore.

    1. Mumu like, shey na d only strippers club for dis world? Why odas no collapse as e b say na bad thingz, mumu! Grow up

    2. Grown fool y take it personal? Idiat!!!

    3. Well we all know that its nt only the strippers club in lag,bt one by one God will distroy them...stupid fool am so sure u also go there bt show done spoil for u big fool

    4. Tell d idiot oh d fool jst felt lyk writing. Mstcheeww!!!

  4. All *guD* things must come to an end..*sobs* #sarcastic face*

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