Friday, October 19, 2012

TUB SPECIAL: Photos from Ifeoma Udedibia's birthday party

Ifeoma Udedibia is TUB's highest reader lol she's so addicted to TUB!! as a reward for her loyalty she will be the first to feature on 'TUB SPECIAL'*Tub special is mainly for birthday parties held by Tub readers, for you to be on Tub's special just RT/share TUB's post/blog :D . Its easy! Just click the share button below each post and vuola! You're one step ahead! .TUB will also be introducing TUB Birthday Shoutout to Tub readers on the 20th of every month,more like my gift to you :D yes,yes (˘⌣˘ʃƪ) I'm that nice lol .Send your pix ,name,twitter handle,Facebook name and date of birth-I'll start with this month,if your birthday is this month send those requirements to*

Iffy celebrated her birthday on the 13th of Oct. 2012 at The place . Oguus Baba the comedian and his wife, Salem of Tinsel, Slim Brown the Egwu Master, Rexx(Pincode) and KDC also a comedian and other friends attended the birthday party.

Iffy is from Anambra state and based in Lagos.She's the last born of a family of 4.She loves fashion, events and music.
Follow her on twitter @Udedibia
More pix below...


  1. It's not fair oh,my birthday don pass

  2. Ok, so ppl dat aint celebrating deir baiday nko? (˘̯˘ )


  3. Nice one Tess,makes your blog unique and different from other blogs

  4. Nice one dear! Happy birthday Iffy :)

  5. This lady and blog is doing well. Need more of unique things like this! *winks***

  6. Y didn't I date Rex of Pincode when we were in unn o?
    Aify, nyc dress.
    Tess, if I don't have money 2 celebrate my birthday, what will happen?

    -Miss D


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