Sunday, October 28, 2012

"She Wants To Kill Me"-Yoruba Actor, Bigval

Whenever two lovers wash their dirty linens in public, things must have fallen apart to the point of ‘irreconcilable differences’. This may best explain what is now brewing between Yoruba actor, Oreoluwa Jokotoye popularly known as Bigvai and his embittered lover, Bukola Temitope Ajayi. According to a distressed blackberry broadcast message sent by the actor on Sunday night, he alleged that his lover is after his life and that she allegedly duped some of his (Bigvai) colleagues in the industry of their hard-earn money worth over 1.5million naira.
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The blackberry broadcast from Bigvai :
“Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye is my name. Please, this is to tell my friends, fans, colleagues and every other Nigerians out there that I am not married to Bukola Temitope Ajayi. That she has duped my blood sister a sum of N500,000. Antar Laniyan N170k, Abbey Lanre N240,000. Sunny Alli N130,000. Lola Idije N120k,000 and other people which include Lanre Hassan (Iya Awero), Ireti Osayemi, Juwon, Alhaji Adenrele and other crew members.

“She also stole N150,000 from me, she duped Bayo Tijani and his crew too and she has vowed to kill me by sending assassin to me.
“Incase anything happens to me, she’s responsible oo. You can check my dp for her pix. Am appealing to you all to help me rebroadcast as fast as possible. Thanks.” But in a reaction to the blackberry broadcast sent out by Bigvai, Bukola denied ever threatening his life. She claimed that Bigvai has been depending on him to survive. She denied duping those the actor alleged her to have defrauded, but claimed that after giving Bigvai the sum of N2m to do a movie, a romantic relationship started between them.

Her own blackberry broadcast :
“My name is Ajayi Oluwabukola Temitope. It’s a big lie, I didn’t dupe Bigvai sister in anyway. I came to produce (a movie) and Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye collected the sum of 2million naira from me and he promise to help me out. Along the line, we started dating. During the Itunu Awe, Baba Tee, Sodiq Adebayo came to pack everything in his house and i used my money to buy it back. I have been feeding him for the past 3mnth now. I am even pregnant for him now, but all what he want is my money.

“If u guys notice, I am the one dat changed all his wardrobe for him. He even said it that when he was with Adebayo Salami (Oga Bello) that Oga Bello was using his star that was why he left him. I didn't dupe anybody. Oreoluwa Bigvai Jokotoye is a gold digger and he depends on woman. He stole my goods worth 350k away. I never told him I’ll kill him. What is my gain if i kill him? Can his dead body bring back my money, let alone he being alive. I think he has metal problem. I have heard different storys about the way he dupe girls in the industry, like Habibat Jinad, Shai, BJ, Tola Ayeni etc. plssssss am not a killer ooooooo. plsssss help me to rebroadcast.”

When contacted, Bigvai insisted that his BB broadcast was true. Asked if truly Bukola is three months pregnant for him, he said he has not yet received any medical report from the doctors concerning that.

When asked if he indeed had a romantic affair with Bukky, he stuttered and said he would not want to talk about the issue anymore because he wouldn’t want the press to get involved in it.
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  1. Who be these ones again? Tess abeg abeg abeeeeeeeeegi if gist no dey, give us update on Man U vs Chelsea match biko....this one na news? When she dey enjoy dey open nyash give man N2m, then broadcast am? Make two of them drive straight to hell without branching anywhere for fuel..ndi nzuzu... Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeew....(˘̯˘ )


  2. Y dont u eva edit wat u report,its nt cool,try 2 correct dat

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  5. a message for u Tess - I open your blog with one eye closed while squinting on the other one and scrolling down slowly just so that I can close the browser fast enough to avoid seeing really graphic pictures of dead bodies or some1's head that's bn cut off..#sigh!
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