Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PHOTOS+VIDEO: SUPERSTORM SANDY - 6million people without power, 50 houses on fire and 16 dead

The nation's largest city was left to pick up the pieces on Tuesday after superstorm Sandy deluged lower Manhattan, flooded portions of the subway system and left hundreds of thousands without power.

Sandy's wrath was felt up and down the East Coast, cutting power to more than 6 million and causing at least 16 deaths before continuing its path inland with the potential to cause even more havoc.
More photos + vid after cut


At least six of those confirmed deaths were in New York state, one of which was in the city.

New York City had shut its mass transit system, schools, the stock exchange, Broadway and most bridges and ordered hundreds of thousands of residents to leave home to get out of the way of Sandy as it zeroed in on the coast.
50 houses burnt down ,24 houses still on fire at Queens,NY neighbourhood ,12 inch of snow in West Virginia.


  1. Gawd! This Sandy is a very stubborn gal o. Who broke her heart??? Sh!t reminds of the movie, 2012.


  2. Lord hv mercy....


  3. Is d world coming 2 an end?

  4. Naija can u all see it now. When the little flood happened in Nigeria we were busy shouting the presidents name and saying all sorts of nonsense. Now its USA, if this superstorm sandy hit Naija, I wonder wetting for happen.

  5. Those are some really insane pictures.


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