Monday, October 22, 2012

Three killed In Wisconsin Shooting At Brookfield Spa

A man has opened fire at a beauty spa where his wife worked in the US state of Wisconsin, killing three people and injuring four others.

Areas near the spa in Brookfield, including a shopping centre and hospital, were locked down, as police searched for the gunman.
The suspect, named as Radcliffe Haughton, 45, was later found dead at the scene in the town of Brookfield.

It was not immediately clear whether Haughton's wife was among those killed

Reports say the incident stemmed from a domestic dispute. Haughton had recently been given a restraining order and ordered to hand in his firearms after being accused of slashing his wife's car tyres.

Authorities named the suspected gunman as Radcliffe Haughton
The shooting began around 11:15 (15:15 GMT).

A quick-reaction Swat team and hostage negotiators were sent to the scene, in addition to FBI agents. Police searched the surrounding area, ordering customers at a nearby mall to stay inside.

Brookfield Police Chief Dan Tushaus said the first officers on the scene found the building full of smoke from a fire believed to have been set by Haughton.

The White House issued a statement saying Barack and Michelle Obama's thoughts and prayers were with the victims of "this horrible shooting" and their families.

The governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, also expressed his sympathy for the victims, saying: "Senseless acts of violence leave us with heavy hearts and many questions."


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