Sunday, October 28, 2012

Photos :Explosion Rocks St. Rita Catholic Church, Kaduna

     A suicide bomber allegedly drove a vehicle packed with explosives into St. Rita’s Catholic Church in Ungwar Yero area of Kaduna in the northern part of Nigeria on Sunday, with serveral killed and wounded.

clict to continue

The attack occurred around 8:45am during the morning mass the children wing was also affected in the blast.
The number of casualties is still unknown as at the time of this report although Aminu Lawal, a Kaduna police spokesman, claim there were no casualty except the bomber himself.
According to a source he said " he had seen a number of bodies on the bloodied church floor."

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.


  1. These heartless fools! I wonder hw dey sleep @ night, knowing dey hv caused so much pain to other pple.

  2. Honestly queen it was so sad,u no am in kaduna....some say its 4 ppl,som 7 ppl...pple arnd d area were ol confused,bt dere r mny in d hosp....such a barbaric act....God will xpose dem.


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