Monday, December 3, 2012

R2Bees Withdraw From Concert Over Pay Disparity With P-Square + Photos


 Ghanaian tema-based hiplife duo R2Bees pulled out of the Malta Guinness sponsored Top of the World Concert held at the Independence Square in Accra yesterday.

Reasons for their actions, was channeled to the fact that Nigerian A-list musicians were paid higher than them "R2bees and Sarkodie" being Ghanaian artistes and for a concert taking place in Ghana ,the promoters should have paid them more than International acts P-square.

The duo posted a message on their Facebook Page on friday afternoon.
“Hello fans, sorry to announce to you we won’t be performing at tomorrow’s “Top of the world” concert due to misunderstanding with promoters. The promoters, the Artists and most importantly you the fans can help change our music industry, refuse to be misled, support ur own. Thanks.
 "We’re happy to be the scapegoats, the blacksheep if our actions help change our pathetic music industry… CHANGE WILL COME.
The group’s decision leaves P Square and Sarkodie as the only acts out of the three publicized, to perform .
 Sarkodie still performed at the concert, as a compromise of a sort has been reached between his management team, the sponsors and event house, CharterHouse.

See pictures  below
Psquare entertained over 40,000 fans at the concert!


  1. R2Beez...I don't blame wande cole gv una mouth.wen p-square strt 2 sing una stl dey skul.hw wl dey live nigeria to ghana 4 nytin less..u dsrspectd ur own fans just bcos of money,so wr is d love of d music..grow up broke rats..

  2. R2beez tunda fire una..una sabi sing??u guys always ft a good artist 4 ur song To blow..let's say P-square r gttin paid 4 d money dey invested in d rick ross deal..try am make u broke!!

  3. Need I remind u,u weren't missed! Oh well,
    Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ 4 ur selves. They obviously r in d game 4 d profit nt 4 d love of it and they sure r nt gonna get far that way

  4. They won't go any were with that attitude! They disrespected their fans for not showing up. Ghanaians are angry with them at d moment and I dnt see dem performing in any show any time soon

  5. Look at r2bees kwa. Wande has given wings.mtchew

  6. Wande Coal has given them mouth to talk. Where were they when Psquare sang Senorita, omoge mi etc. Them wan compare themselves with Psquare? Ko jo. Its evident that they are after money and not to entertain or even promote their own music. Can they even perform for charity sake?


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