Sunday, December 2, 2012

Protestors Angry Over Kim Kardashian's Presence In Bahrain

Just hours after the reality TV star gushed about her impressions of Bahrain, riot police were forced to fire tear gas at an angry crowd. More than 50 hardline Islamic protesters had gathered to denounce the 31-year-old's presence in the Gulf kingdom. The clashes took place just before Kim Kardashian opened the Bahrain branch of her Millions of Milkshakes shop.

She is currently involved in a divorce with estranged husband Kris Humphries.
On Wednesday, the TV star's divorce lawyer told a California court how her client feels 'handcuffed' to Humphries - with the pair at loggerheads over a settlement. Kim wants a straight-up divorce - while Kris is seeking an annulment based on 'fraud' - but neither side is backing down.

Meanwhile, it is now being reported Kris wants Kim to return the $2m engagement ring he gave her - but she is refusing.


  1. After her separation from Kris I disliked her.she is very selfish

  2. Msssssschw to begin with,I don't like her! When you're in rome act like them... Why did she dress like that in the first place

  3. She's too fake n selfish!


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