Saturday, December 15, 2012

Video: President Obama Weeps Over Connecticut School Massacre

Friday afternoon, President Obama addressed US in light of Connecticut's school shooting.If you missed it Read Here . Only a few sentences in, Obama began to weep as he wasn't only speaking as a President, but as a father… Watch the speech and read some highlights from his address after cut

"We've endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years. Each time I hear the news, I react not as a president, but like a parent. And that was especially true today. I know there's not a parent in America that doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that I do. The majority of those who died today were children, beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10. They had their entire lives ahead of them. Birthdays. Weddings. Graduations. Kids of their own."
"Among the fallen were also teachers. Our hearts are broken today for the parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these children and the families of the adults we lost. Our hearts are broken for the parents for the survivors as well. For as blessed as they are, they know their children's innocence was taken."
"As a country, we have been through this too many times. Whether it's [here or a movie theater in Aurora], these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods and these children are out children."
"And we're gonna have to come together to take action."
"Michelle and I are going to hug our children a little tighter and remind them how much we love them. But there are families in CT that cannot do that tonight. I will do everything in my power to help."
"All of us can extend a hand to those in need. To remind them that we are there for them. That we are praying for them."
"May God bless the memories of victims."


  1. May der souls rip...God bless Obama, he really talked as an emotional father

  2. Hmmmmm.may dai soul RIP.we luv u all...#cryin#

  3. really sad. also check


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