Saturday, December 1, 2012

Typical Lagos Church Neighbourhood on Sunday and its Noise Pollution

A Tub reader sent this to me, the church is located around Ayobo-Ipaje Alimosho Lagos-Nigeria. Several complaints to the Lagos State Government and Local Development Area regarding the noise pollution have been ignored. Most people suffer this but prefer to keep mute which is wrong. In some developed countries this won't be accepted. Watch Video after cut Now this is a typical Sunday with loud church broadcast via loudspeakers.


  1. Pls what is the English translation of what the man is screaming there? Truly, some of these "Mimo Mimo" Churches constitute huge nuisance to its neighbourhood. God knows that there are places i cant live in this Lagos even if its for free!


  2. Well am nt surprised, d church I attend at home (cos its overseed by our landlady) is besides our house and na so dem dey do. Neighbours don complain tire and instead of them to change, they wud even pray against it. This is one of d ways religious leaders enslave us. Nt surprised at all

  3. It is always like that in mainland and some places in island both the muslims and the some of the christains they will bring out there speakers outside and be disturbing people the muslims are worst 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 them go just ther disturb

  4. Hahahahaha kpele na wa o

  5. Lmao make una come hear noise o say na preaching lmao

  6. Is it only d xtians dt make noise? Don't d muslims do d same thing? Abegi!


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