Saturday, December 1, 2012

"I Have Been Dating Rita Dominic In My Dreams" - LKT

Sexy Nollywood actress/producer Rita Dominic in a recent interview said it has been her desire to have twins .If you missed it Read Here . Singer, LKT popularly known for his hook in Olumaintain's Yahoozee and his song Follow Follow featuring the duo Psquare ,in his interview with Punch declared his love for her says he has been having dreams about the diva . Read excerpt from the interview below...

“I’ve been dating Rita in my dreams and I’ve always loved to see her in the movies. When I read her interview, something in me said I should voice out my admiration and affections for her. “If truly her heart desire is to have a set of twins, I can give her that. I have got twins in my genes. It might sound awkward or a joke, but I’m not kidding; nor am I looking for cheap publicity. “I would have approached her a long time ago, but I thought she was already taken by another man. Even if it turns out that she is older than me, I can live with it.  Age is nothing but a number,” he says.
Oh well! Some dreams come through lol



  1. Lmao somebody should wake this tout up. Rita will be laughing her ass out wherever is she ! Wtf look at this razz thing. You no knw your level LKT? Cossy and co ! Even Cossy will reject your broke ass!


  2. This one is looking for maga Rita is too smart for you

  3. How old is Rita she no wan marry? Lol see free husband lol

  4. Bohahahahahahahahahaha.oh my God dis guy u no go find place sitdon.Rita na ur mate?abi u no dey fear??u no sabi ur class??abi dem swear 4 u??or u don chop witch??abi u tin say Rita na dull baby??abeg mak u pack well jor

  5. Mimi, shattap there... wetin make Rita better pass am? She might even be without a man in her life and be dieing in silence. The guy is saying it as he feels, you never can tell cos sometimes wishes come true so dont run him down!


  6. Ur mate? Ur class? Ur level? That's why most ladies end up as old maids. Is this guy cursed? Won't he grow and be big tomorrow? What if he won a lottery worth millions of dollars, he'll become Rita's level abi? Av always told young ladies of nowadays, this isn't how ur fathers and mothers started ooo. It isn't always about material wealth. Money can be here today and gone tomorrow. Pray for wisdom from God to be able to identify potentials for success in a man rather than judge "myopically" on d present.

  7. dis guy na mumu who tell am say rita na him kind abi na him hair dey decieve am


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