Friday, September 6, 2013

Question of the day: Who should resign?

Ok,here's a quick question :)
In a family where the husband earns N250,000 every month, and the wife earns N2million every month and they both work in the same company, and the kids are lacking parental care and love. Who among them should resign to take care of the kids?...and why?

I'm sorry for being away I was admitted...left the hospital on Wednesday.Thanks to those who called God bless you.


  1. The woman should resign and take care of the kids it's her duty. She can start up a small business with the money she saved.

    1. Why should she resign when she makes more money than her husband! What nonsense! He should be the one to resign not her and no one should bring that my is the head of the house bullshit here. This is 21st century!

    2. Bayo you r very silly for this comment. Whatever happened to nanny and help? Her duty my black ass
      Good to have you back Tess
      Get well soon

  2. The man of course

  3. The man na abi u dey ask????

  4. What kindda question is dis one, isn't it evident, logical nd wise dt d MAN should resign..u want to compare 2million to 250k abi..abegi sleep and death are very different o

  5. The man should resign and start a new business that the wife will raise money for him. It's not good for a man to stay in the house and I'm not saying she should quite afterwards oh. Both can work it happens


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