Friday, September 20, 2013

Just for laughs...

You know those stupid questions people ask calling someone in the middle of the night and then ask "Did I wake you up?" No, dear you didn't. I was in a witch craft meeting discussing how to suck your blood!

 I no be witch oh  Lol


  1. LMAOO!!

    Are you reading?

    No I'm baffing :'(

  2. Are you on the phone? No, I'm eating the phone lol

  3. Coming out of the bathroom with a towel, with water dripping all over u, did u just bathe? No oh, I just made love to the bathroom

  4. common with aunt or grandma will see u in d morning mayb brushing or doing somfin nd d next dumb questions is"my pickin u don wake" nd in my mind ild be like "WTF"


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