Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tub Special : Photos from Onyinye Ugwueke's Birthday Party + Samaritans By Onyichild

    If you're on my bbm contact you must have seen these pix on my DP . Most people have asked ; Who is this Onyichild? where are they going to? Blog about it and tell the world what this cutie is doing , we need more people like this in Nigeria  and so on. Well! here it is.
Y'all remember Onyinye Ugwueke ? she was featured as a hottie last month .if you missed it read Here

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She celebrated her birthday on Tuesday ,Nov 6,2012. Instead of throwing a party for herself, Onyinye who is the founder of "Samaritans By Onyichild" with one person from her team of Samaritans teamed up with Ella the founder of "Team Mondella Orphanage" also with someone from her team, decided to organise a small outing to celebrate and pray with some kids in a poor village at the out stretch of Abuja. They also gave out materials to the women and men. 
  Please , Tub Special is not for celebs or whatever, its for my readers ,its my own way of making them feel special, so to those expecting to see some celebs up here I'm sorry to burst your bubbles ...even some so-called celebs can't do this.View pictures below

    " We live in a country where poverty is the order of the day and poor parents look up to their own children for survival;which is a shame. Children indulge in all sorts of things to raise money for school and to feed themselves and their families. As such, the girl child in these rural areas are faced with abuses. The girl child in a community has incite on little or no education on self growth, sexually education, personal hygiene and sanitation condition, which is very important for a girl to acquire so as to live a healthy life in a world where AIDs HIV, Cervical Cancer, fibroid, HPV etc Exist. All we do is to educate and help these girls."- Onyichild

TEAM MONDELLA ORPHANAGE+ SAMARITANS BY ONYICHILD will be visiting 3countries, visiting the poor children in rural communities, the vulnerable, the streets etc.. they need your contributions and supports in anyway. Nothing is ever too small to give..

Here are some little items you can contribute:

Cream vaseline.
Soap be it the little premier of N30 each.
Toilet roll.
Pad, be it the cheaper ones.
And if you have food items even though its indomie.... its also accepted.
People are really suffering, most homes in these poor community can not afford to soak Garri. Some kids go to school bare-footed and a lot don't have clothes to wear. For you that is reading this now, you should consider yourself blessed, at least you can read this from your phone, ipad or laptop.. therefore you are rich ,so you have an opportunity to contribute even if its a pencil.

For contributions, please visit-Block B 1, Suites 7, Commerce Plaza, Area 1, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria. 23409. Also you can contact these numbers +2348030695171,+2348062919588, +2348051170130. You can also follow us on twitter @onyichild @teammondella.
Facebook page: Samaritans By Onyichild


  1. So nice....God bless u....

  2. God bless u Onyinye

  3. God Bless her for such a brilliant initiative. If all well to do members of the world can do this, poverty will be reduced to d barest minimum. Let's stop waiting for IMF, World Bank and all their technicalities to do what we as humans should do for our fellow humans.

  4. Awwwwwwww! This is sooooo nice. God bless u immensely.


  5. God bless you dear as u remember the poor,he always remember you also,nice one keep it up.

  6. Brilliant absolutely brilliant.More ppl shud emulate 4rm her

  7. Wat a wonderful hrt......God bless u all,9c one......I am solidly behind u,jst gt n touch wit mi 4 ur next visitin


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