Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pastor Oritsejafor Gets Private Jet As Birthday Gift

President, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and founder of Word of Life Bible Church, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, has joined the league of Nigerian Preachers that own private jets.

The Jet was delivered to him yesterday during the celebration of his 40th year as a pastor. The occasion took place at the Word of God Bible Church in Warri,Delta State. The Jet was presented by his Church member as a gift to celebrate the icon.
Oritsejafor's jets, marked N431CB, was not flown to the venue but the announcement of the USA manufactured 10-seater Bombadier/ Challenger 601 aircraft, at the occasion by one of the pastors,was greeted with loud ovation and applause.

The Challenger 601 is a heavy jet , a 10-seater and has a range of 3,900 nautical miles. It has a full enclosed lavatory and a flight attendant for additional comfort. The luxurious and spacious cabin of the Challenger 601 is perfect to conduct meetings or simply relax.


  1. Na wa oh
    No comment

  2. mmn...while there are so many poor Nigerians hustling hard to eat three square meals a day, there are some "STUPID" and "FOOLISH" Nigerian pastors who are spending extravagantly buying private jets to do shakara. Why private jets? What's the use? These pastors worship money. That's the point. Why can't they use the money for a private jet to buy farmland, which can be used to grow food to alleviate starvation, or establish a business to create opportunities for the jobless youth, or build shelter homes to the homeless who sleep under bridges? It is so sad that most Nigerians cannot understand they are being deceived.

    1. well, from what i read above, he didnt buy the was presented to him by a church member.

      -Miss D

  3. how many members of that church can afford basic necessities? How many members can afford to have 3 squares, pay school fees for their kids, pay rent etc? Some things I just don't understand...sigh

  4. In d tym of Jesus he neva had even a horse but diz guyz claim 2 stand in 4 Jesus,they should imitate him!

  5. Na GEJ buy d Jet...awon Ole!!!!

  6. i hear say na 40 years e be ooo.
    Nigerians are suffering from flood out brk and see wot our Christlike icons are doing.
    Jesus gave an example wen he tuk d small boyz bread and fish, 2 multiply it 4 d hungry people.
    God help dem!


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