Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Paul Okoye's Girlfriend Is Pregnant

Anita and Paul

News reaching me now from a reliable source is that the superstar's girlfriend,Anita, is pregnant. Guess its the trend for the duo as Peter Okoye's girlfriend too is heavy with their second child.
If this story is true ,you read it here first!
if its not ...well, you did not see or read anything :D


  1. Nawa oooo
    Father abrahams

  2. Them no wan marry?? Haba! Smh

  3. He should marry her oh no be to give belle.
    Jude no wan marry abi at his age he is still single

    1. Jude is married.....peter n paul r d single ones....

    2. Jude is married yet,he's chasing girls up&down like a randy single guy?? Na wa o! *sigh*

  4. Congrats but please wife her biko. If she is good enough to bear your child then she is also good to be ur wife. Let all these celebrities stop impregnating gurls outside wedluck ehhh!!!!

  5. The funny tin is some of these gurls are happy having kids for celebrities outside wedlock SMH, the babes r all hope their case ends up like tuface and Annie but they forget tuface also av other baby mamas that he left for annie, TIMAYA, Paul, and the rest of una , I greet una

  6. Make them stop to choke the girls belle. Put a ring on it Nigga's


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