Thursday, November 1, 2012

"To Stella I'm A Bastard...Cut Me A Fatter Check" -Jim Iyke Finally Replies Stella Dimoko

OK! Jim Iyke has finally replied popular Encomium writer, Stella Dimoko, who on 25th Oct. 2012 blasted Jim and called him a bastard after Jim threatened her and her family after she wrote about Jim having an 11 year old son he had no idea of.If you missed it read Here
Jim took to twitter to reply Stella and Linda ,two people who always according to him write false stories about him.

Oh well, at the end of the day his fans are still loyal to him and his "pay check" is getting "fatter"!


  1. Stella should get a grip of herself and let jim be

  2. My guy stop wasting your time on those old hags. Look at Stella the woman need a surgery on her face as soon as possible. If jim has a child and so what? Do you want him to fuck you?
    You keep hating on him and he is making his benjamins.

  3. Gbagam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gegen!!!!!!!!!


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