Thursday, November 1, 2012

Scary Video: Man sneezes so hard his Head Falls Off... but then re-attaches it

Imagine walking down an alleyway minding your own business and you bump into a man who sneezes and his head falls off -wait for it - then he tries to re-attach it to his body.

What would you? i laff, as for me the only tin you'll see is my back

But always expect the unexpected on Halloween, as the residents of San Luis Obispo, California, found out. Magician Rich Ferguson performed his 'head drop' trick on the streets of his hometown.
Now, his illusion, and the hilarious reactions of unsuspecting strangers, has become a YouTube monster smash, with almost 4million hits. Watch the video below...its pretty scary and hilarious tho


  1. Omg! My heart dropped!

  2. Lmao fucking hilarious
    The best magic trick I have seen


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