Monday, November 5, 2012

Federal Government wants to ban Postinor 2?

Wait oh! Federal Government wants to ban postinor2??
If this is true then the price of condom will rise oh lol
Rumours that the federal government is planning to ban birth control pill, Postinor 2, which prevents unwanted pregnancy 24hrs after unprotected sex (don't ask me how I know, google is your friend)  due to its side effects.
Oh well, 9ja youths obviously didn't find it funny and they unleashed their anger on twitter ,it didn't end there lol they decided to mention my rainbow 2face lol(he is my rainbow pls) #kidding .
He didn't find it funny atol!


  1. Jesus! They should not try it
    Belle go plenty

  2. Na to dey wear stockings ooo
    Cos babies wee full errwer (˘̩̩_˘̩̩̩ƪ)
    *rushin to d nearest pharmacies(gettin as much as I can)
    #rush while stock lasts ( ˘˘̯)

  3. Confam bad market for guys no condom no sex

  4. Ya all should play safe. HIV is Real.

  5. AIDS go spread wella o! Pikinz go yakpa! Dz 1 wey my bf no lik CD! I don DIE(•̩̩͡_•̩̩͡)... Na to buy lime kip for house

    1. Ode, hw Aids go take spread wella o!?postinor 2 dey prevent Aids abi na condom dey wan dey comment if u dey horny.

  6. And dats how 1 "mumufacts" on twitter said dat iron hangers are still in the market, dat igbo gals will start using it. Bet y evuls na?

  7. I can see FG just want make pikins,Hiv and abortion rate to increase in 9ja! I tot dey said dey wanted to introduce birth control and make it free to reduce d no of kids pple hv? Why ban postinor dt hs bn saving girls from having unwanted pregnancy since its existence? Which drug doesnt have side-effects abeg? Anyways since dey wnt 2 ban "oyibo method" of contraceptive,we shall use the "local method" #uda #drops mic

  8. Rough play ( ._.)
    Na to buy carton for house

  9. Lwkmd! Peppersoup sef follow#yoruba style# ogogoro sekpe

  10. 4get d@ tin! All dis FG pple, dem tink say we be mumu abi? Bcos der daughters don too put postinor 4der system dats y dem wan ban am! I sure say der pikin too dey fuck so dem wan ban postinor 2b sure weda der daughters still b virgin or nt

  11. Av always bot d idea of using condoms n properly too. So the ban of postinor isn't mch of a big deal to me! Use a condom or zip up. As for d girls crying that their bf'§ dnt like condom u beta enforce the ɤules or bear the consequences alone!if e no wan do make em kip dick for boxers abeg!


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