Saturday, October 17, 2015

Scott Disick checks into REHAB

Yes! He's back in rehab, hopefully to win a victory in his child custody battle.

Sources close to Disick says he checked in last weekend to a facility in Malibu, and has not only admitted he has a problem, but cut ties with some of his usual party pals.

According to sources, Disick took the leap because of his kids, he is gunning for unsupervised visits. he told his friends Kourtney Kardashian won't let him have unsupervised visitation until she knows he is clean.

Disick made an abbreviated run at rehab earlier this year, when he went to a center in Costa Rica that use hallucinogenic plants for treatment. He lasted a week before bailing.

Scott's decision to enter rehab, came, coincidentally, just as Lamar Odom was going off the rails in Nevada.

Hope he gets clean this time.
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