Monday, October 12, 2015

We are back!

I am sorry for staying away for too long,it was a struggle keeping up with work and the blog. I have finally sorted it out, there will be post from me "Tess Ume" and "Tub1" who will be running the blog with me from now on. Let's give this a try again promise not to go away again! I really missed blogging! . The new TUB will be exciting with new contents something different from the norm... we are going to reintroduce "Hottie of the day" but in a bigger and better way. Feel free to share your opinion but easy with the attacks sha lol. Love you all


  1. Runaway hope you keep to your word this time

  2. Madam Tess dis has been long over due better dnt run away again o

  3. Yeah yeah! Welcome back, hope you won't run away again


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