Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photos: Angry mob caught and beat up thief in Delta State

 You know what they say; "Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner".Well, this thief ran out of luck today. According to reports, he was caught this morning in Shell road, Sapele, Delta State. He snatched an elderly woman's handbag in Ugbeyi, Sapele while on his motorcycle and zoomed off. Luckily for the woman who could not raise an alarm, a soldier who was passing by noticed what happened borrowed someone's Hilux and chased after the thief but he absconded. The story never end click continue after cut...

 However, nemesis caught up with him when he came to shell road. Some youths noticed a motorcyclist who was holding a handbag but was without a passenger. When they approached him, he took off. Unknown to him, where he rode to was a dead-end. The youths chased him into the bush, caught him, battered him, and threw him into a pit till the Police would come for him.Some members of a vigilante group came to take the thief away, but onlookers refused and told them they were waiting for the police to come and carry him.
Finally the police came and what they could say was “we can’t carry him the way he is”and they went away.Then somebody took a motorcycle and went to call the army.
 When the soldiers came, one of them said this was the guy I chased this morning with someone’s Hilux but I didn’t know where he diverted to with his motorcycle cos I wasn’t familiar with the route. The soldiers ordered for him to be put into the trunk of their car.
 While doing that, a girl shouted “he is my brother” repeatedly. The soldier dashed off to her, flogged her with the fan-belt he was holding, kicked her feet off the ground and beat her till she took off.Onlookers chased her, caught her and handed her to the soldiers that she might be a spy.The soldiers drove off with the owner of the bag , the thief in the trunk of the car and the girl on a motorcycle with some youths.

Never knew a thief  must look good before the police arrest them. What do I know, this is Nigeria anything can happen.


  1. That's how they would have killed you because of handbag you don't even know if there was money in it. Go thank your stars

  2. Na wa o.....old woman bag, how much him tink say go dey inside sef, useless boy! Hes jst a lucky chap

  3. You Delta State we are not inhuman! Compared to what happened in Aluu & Badagary recently. Although we are usually percieved as rough.

    1. Shut up pls! Isn't it in Delsu some undergraduates were brutually killed same way aluu 4 was?? *mscheew*


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