Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Must Read: 49 year-old, Kemi Olunyolo, proposes to her man on Facebook

 Y'all remember Kemi Olunloyo, daughter of ex-Oyo State governor. The 49 year-old proposed to her man on Facebook. Read what she posted on her Facebook wall...
What Lanre first said to me on Facebook after he met me in Lagos and I didn't give a shit about him at the Beyonce/Snoop Dogg concert in 2006:"I've been stalking u for years online and I like your outspoken, honest, brash, crazy ways. No woman in this Nigeria can top that." 
I was in #Canada when he stalked me all the way there. We became friends, we skyped, he traveled around on work, we spoke, it was real, I told him I was getting deported in 9 mos time when that was served to me. He told me to come home. I never wanted to stay or appeal to stay in Canada. I came home for myself. He tried to pick me up in Ibadan to attend events but I was not interested. I was not settled. I was bitter about a lot of things leaving Canada. Leaving my grown sons behind till they could go to America. I did not have time for Lanre.Now I want him. Does he still want me? 
He is very private and does not like noise. He told me May 1st over the phone that I have introduced him to my fans YET I play games with him. 
I NEVER in my life will dare propose to a man.So No more GAMES! I want this man and asking....Olanrewaju Rhodes, will U MARRY me?? ...CONTINUE AFTER CUT...
Captain Steve Olanrewaju Rhodes 
My heart belongs to you..OK, I am ready to be a WIFE! 
Look! I'll even wear all the Nigerian outfits you like. Im READY Lanre! 
Send the DRIVER to#Ibadan#NOGames 
This time I'll get into the car 
Then u can control me and WIFE me #FOREVER!#Amen# 
BONUS: I'll even go to Church with U and won't CURSE ur Pastor!! 
Dear Nigerians,Lanre knows I HAVE SEX TOYS! 
He just doesn't know where they are as we  don't get to see each other as you may think. He once told me romantically 3 months ago."I wanna do you like Arik Air, Lagos to Kano 3 times daily, one and a half hours each flight."Isn't that special? So sweet! 
That's the kinda flight I want to catch when your man can make love to you 3 times daily, 1.5 hours a pop. For being celibate 7 years, I can handle that when in  LOVE!! NOT LUST! 
Lets go Capt!!
Gosh Im Happy! Call me SOR!! Im waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Promise #NoGames 
Look, another Naija outfit just for U.
FINALLY>>>RATE THIS PICTURE: This is Capt Olanrewaju S. Rhodes, the Chief Pilot of First Nation Airways. This is the man that I was friends with for 6 years while I was in Canada. Met him at Beyonce's concert 2006. 
To all those jealous girls in Lagos. Lanre is still single. He was NEVER married when I knew him and wanted me to be his wife but Im not interested in Church and wife activities. He is gonna hate me for this that I exposed him. However he seems to be the only MAN that can control me! We have not spoken in a while. We have been FRIENDS only.I may still want some of this. A real friendship across the ocean for 7 years. He is 53 and I will be 49. 
Should I settle with Lanre if he's still available?? I want my fans to decide. He has flown jets for 35 plus years and I fly helicopters as a traffic reporter. Do you think I really need a man at this stage of my life?


  1. Bipolar things!!!!!! My guy run for your life!


  2. See wetin love dey do dis woman

  3. Lol @ Bipolar fins......nawa!!!!



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