Monday, July 1, 2013

"Don't send me no FAKE DICKS pic" -Afrocandy warns guys auditioning for her new movie

This woman is something else!  Y'all remember AfroCandy, right? . She is asking guys to send their d**k pics for her new movie and funny enough they are sending it! She warned those that tried to play smart by sending fake d**k pics on her Facebook page...
"Please don't send me no 'FAKE DICKS'. Before you send me any DICK pictures, make sure it's yours cos it will be very bad when you come to my AUDITIONS, I open it, and it looks different from the pics.. Still on the matter yo ! warned !!"

 Una hear? BE WARNED!  lol


  1. Afro candy u need Jesus

    1. She is making her money and you are hating

  2. Madam tess,am still waitng for the website I cn view Nigerian music nd videos


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