Sunday, April 7, 2013

Actress Ebube Nwagbo flaunts her 2013 Honda Cross Tour

Remember she tweeted about getting a new ride in February but mistakenly called it Porsche Panamera on Twitter Nigerians to attack her lol. To cut the long story short, the car has finally arrived. I don't know the actual price but  I heard the car is worth N12m. Congrats to her...Nne biko flaunt it lol 


  1. Most everything be sugar Daddy, can't a girl work hard and buy car for herself.Mtchew, my dear carry go joor and leave dis haters

    1. Lol. This girl that's fucking my friends dad. Hahaha. Which stupid money is she making on her own. Even the shop the man opened for her in abuja can't even get her to purchase such. Open your eyes Nigerians. Ebube is a runs girl. Congrats to her tho, fine car. More grease to your toto ebube

  2. i dont know why people believe everything owned by a lady is from a sugar daddy.msteeew
    congrats @ebube

  3. lool, finally....congrats to her..

  4. If nt sugar dad who else pls? Her papa rich? Abi wetin she dey do? If na thru movies den I disagree cos dey dnt pay well. D industry is used to advertise dem 2 men d@ can pay d bills


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