Thursday, January 9, 2014

Victory Life Bible Church, Abeokuta General Overseer’s wife narrates her experience in Heaven

The wife of the General Overseer and Founder of Victory Life Bible Church (VLBC) , Rev (Mrs. ) Folake Achudune was recently confirmed dead by doctors but before her burial Mrs Achudume resurrected here's what she told her congregation on Sunday :

“What I experienced was like being a drama piece. I saw myself coming out of my body, and going into a white cloud. I didn’t know where I was going, but I was asked to look down, only to see my husband, children been consoled, as my burial was been planned. I saw people crying.”“Later, I stretched my hand and I was taken to a glorious place, where I saw people in white garment welcoming me, telling me to come in. I joined them, but a big hand stretched out, with a voice saying the place is not for me”“I later found myself in another place, more glorious and beautiful, I was not allowed in again, but I was taken to a third place, where I was not allowed again. Then a voice came telling me to look down, and told me I should return to where I was coming from, but I was struggling to join the group. Then I heard a thunderous voice and it was at that point my eyes opened.”“I stand to tell you that God has power over death. The consultants had confirmed that I bled to death after the operation. If you understand what I went through you will realize that life is vanity. By that experience everything in life to me has lost value. It was not a joke, I appreciate God, because God made me to understand the mystery of life,


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