Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hot or Trashy: Karrueche Tran's "zipper" leg tattoo

Chris Brown's girlfriend, Karrueche Tran revealed her new dramatic leg tattoo while attending Zing Vodka's Kandyland soiree in Beverly Hills on Saturday. The 25-year-old displayed her leg-long zipper tattoo while wearing a red romper by Kin Kouture.

I think it's Rihanna's tattoo :) You like?


  1. Trashy, actually made her leg ugly, maybe if it wasn't that long

  2. Trashy like her name Karrueche

  3. In one word: CRAZY!!!!

  4. Trashy Rihanna is hotter and her tattoos are small and sexy

  5. Omg of all the stupid tatoos to get! A zip on d leg? Who does that? I understand that Rihanna is one tough competition but babe have u seen how sexy her tatoos are? Lmao infact this is just too this supposed to be a turn on for chris brown? BuHuhaha

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