Thursday, August 15, 2013

Finally! Kim Kardashian shows off her post baby look + See baby North (Photos)

Kim Kardashian finally showed the world her post-baby look since she gave birth in June somebody shout hallelujah!

TMZ got an exclusive pics of the reality star, Kanye West,their nanny and of course baby North who they covered to prevent papz from taking shots of her... I wonder if the baby they breath for inside there.
Meanwhile, Kim has lost her baby weight!. More pics after cut


  1. Kim comes out of her closet and the world is shaking. My sister gave birth last week and she went to the mall today I should take a pic and send it to tabloids maybe we'll be the next Kardashiabs. Mtchesssss nonsense

  2. Kim is short o and she's still fat tess look at her huge legs

  3. Lol I don't know why dis post is funny but kim is getting what she wanted the attention. She will never show her postbaby body to the world except they pay her well for pete sake her body is her money. Time for khloe to fix her marriage her 5mins of fame is up though she is still my favorite of the K clan


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